Sunday, 24 November 2013

Definitely not in Kansas anymore.

And Clarise's aventures continue!

Did she really fall off the stupid horse? It felt like she had fallen off a roof top.  Slowly she got up off the ground.  It wasn’t the ground she was riding across moments ago. Thick trees and grass surrounded her and it was dead quiet..almost eerie. 
“No.. it couldn’t be…” She whispered to herself as she slowly got up and brushed the grass and pine needles off her clothing.  She had left the door open… and it was a full moon.  "ughhhhhh!" she groaned. Just what she did not what to do.  She spotted a few yards over the war horse, happily grazing. She had been caring for him ever since Will had vanished.  Prehaps she could reunite the two and head back home somehow.  She whistled to him and he came trotting up to her.
“Well boy, where ever we are, we best go find someone who can find your master.” She said as she climbed up on him. She definatly wasn’t any where near home. Where, she did not know quiet yet. Some how the door still worked even with her just in the yard and in the middle of the day. It bewildered her.

She found a path and diligently kept to it, yet the more they rode down it, the longer it seemed to go. Animals seemed to hop or leap out of no where as the trotted along. They came to a crossing in the road. There was a sign, she couldn’t read it. It was in a language very not familiar to her, she decided to go right as the path looked more traveled. Perhaps there was a town or something up above. 

They rounded a bend in the road and she came upon a familiar sight.  A church. The church looked like the one in the village that she lived in. But something about the church was different. It was actually busy and it seemed new, or in much better keep. She rode the horse up to what looked like a hitching post and got off. She felt bad tying him by the reins. She had always been told that was a no no in the USA… but she had nothing else to secure the horse with.  There were a few people tending the the church garden, they all seemed to stop and do what they were doing once they saw her making her way towards the church. As she walked, she studied their clothes and quiet quickly realized, this was not home or even close.  Most definately the middle ages, actually quite early middle ages by looking at the gardeners clothes. There was nothing elaborate about their modest outfits and they actually seemed to look at her in fear. A thought raced across her mind, she soon dismissed it and kept walking to the big large wooden doors.

She pushed open the doors, they were quiet heavy.  To her surprise there was a group of nun’s praying at the front of the church. She stopped in her footsteps in astonishment. One of the nuns stood up. Her clothing was a bit more regal than the rest. She spun around and dropped her rosary.

“His holiness! What have you brought to our church?” She looked Clarise up and down and gasped.
“A witch……” She gasped as she held her hand over her mouth in shock.

Clarise didn’t know what to say or do. She stood frozen in the isle. Just what she needed… to be called a witch and all she did was walk in to a church.. but in modern clothing. This was going to be interesting. The middle ages... this was going to be fun.

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