Sunday, 9 November 2014

First edit of book cover!

Tossing this out for feed back and suggestions. Just comment below to let me know what you think, I need to change etc. Very much appreciated! Thank you readers! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Shakespeare in Love, in London, on Stage, it’s beyond words.

Shakespeare in Love, is really just Love!

Yes, it’s exactly like that! I was fortunate enough this summer to be able to spend some time in London and see this fabulous show. Co-produced by Disney, the show leaves nothing lacking, and I mean nothing, even after 48 hours or so of no sleep, as I arrived in London earlier that day.

It has been a while since the movie was made which the stage production is based off of.  The original even won a few Oscars. The production I saw that night of Saturday, August 23, was one of a magical experience and one I will never forget.  As the reviews say, it is the “Best!” and they are right!

Before the show I spent some sterling to support the show and bought my book, program, and my “Romeo and Ethel, the Pirates Daughter” T-shirt. All very well done and treasured.  I was able to take a few shots of the theatre inside, the Noël Coward Theatre. It was beautiful! I have never been to a play in London before; this was for sure a treat!
Inside the Noel Coward Theatre

Similar to the movie, the show centers on the two main characters.  First is Viola played by Lucy Briggs-Owens and she is fantastic, stunning, and brings so much light to the show.  She is like a jewel that just shines for two hours non-stop. Just perfect in my book. Will, Will Shakespeare of course, is portrayed by Tom Bateman.  He puts so much heart and feeling into his role as Will, its not to be missed.  I do wonder though, if or how long, his thumb will be stained with black ink. 

Some of the other actors you might recognize from other productions and shows, probably the most well known is the wonderful David Oakes. Whom I met after the show and is such a saint! He has been in The Borgias, The White Queen, and Pillars of the Earth. His Marlowe is perfect and he shows just the right amount of cunning and conniving which is very Mr. Oakes’s style and so Marlowe.

The Cast
Being a total costume nut, the costumes did their duty and impressed. They were all just stunning all the way down to the little costume bits that the token puppy wears. It's a coin toss to say which one out of Viola's dresses is my favorite, perhaps her blue dress? So stunning...wait they are all stunning.

So if you are in London, do see the show. You will not be disappointed. Since my visit, two of my good friends have gone. We all loved every minute of it. Maybe I will get lucky in March and it will still be playing? I would love to see it again.  Also the cast is all very warm and friendly and wonderful company, so if you have the time, please do go say hello.  I learned so much that night; it will be a hard one for a long time to top.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Inside the Tower of London
So this last week, I have been reading, amongst other things Markham’s Richard III: His Life & Character. It got my wheels turning, as to some of his major points he draws on in his chapters about the princes and what became of them have also been questioned by myself. He also brings up a very interesting point about the authorship of the many articles that were written about the incident, as well as many others; including the Croyland Chronicles of London through out his argument. What went on in those author's heads?

He tried not to let the wax from the candle above the ledge of the writing desk drip to the parchment as he hurried the last few sentences of the following day’s news. Out of the corner of his eye watching the wax drip… and drip. People were talking, talking about many things, and the word needed to get out; Edward IV’s sons were missing. More than likely dead. He hadn’t heard the word murdered yet from anyone’s lips, but definitely missing. 

His hands shook as he blew the drying sand off the parchment to help make the ink set and dry faster. King Richard was still in York. He knew that much, but still there were many unanswered questions. He had to have known the fate of the children, how could he not.

Nervously, he read over his work, blew out his light and gave it to the grandmaster.
“I am done with tomorrow’s bit.” He nodded and said, as he backed away from the elder monk, waiting for criticism or acknowledgement. He never knew which would come first if any.
“The words, stories, are every where. Where is the King? He has to know?” He said again.

“Let's hope we know the truth soon, once he returns. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding, or one of the Lancaster’s plays of folly.” The grandmaster said as he glanced over the article the novice monk gave him. He hoped he didn't have to publish this... or more like wish it wasn't so.....

Folly, or misunderstanding, many of the accounts that were written whether they were against Richard’s reign or not, many baseless and not backed up by solid evidence as noted in Markham’s book. Personal prejudices at times, got in the way and aided the rumors. Will we ever know what happened? We might not but we can for sure develop a better understanding of the writers who wrote the articles and their basis for doing so.  Markham's book is perhaps one of my favorite sources of the life and time's of Richard III and the world he lived in.