Friday, 27 December 2013

Richard, Duke of Gloucester if things had been different

And he loves to camp out in my head... Thats family for ya....

The warm glow of the priory lights and prayer candles beckoned to me. The familiar smell and warmth of the incense of the quiet chapel, seemed to welcome me in and in to its arms for prayer. Prayer seems to be my only comfort to me most these days. So many emotions, so many things have happened over the years. Rumors, looks, whispers all follow my every step it seems. It is here I find peace, peace with myself and peace with the very demons that haunt my existence.

"Tudor. The name haunted me. Tudor how I loathed that name. Ever since they came to court, and saturated it with their opinions, polluted thinking, a debauchery; I have decided to stay on the outside and look in remain silent int he shadows for the time being.  My wife dead, how I miss her. She was my true love. Oh Anne, sweet Anne. I pray you are free and loved as I loved you. Since I asked you that day in the Yew garden to be my wife. 

The rumors haunt me. The princes, Edward and his little brother Richard. Edward's boys where such a delight to me. Our games of hide and seek were adventures beyond our imaginations. I just wanted to keep them safe, as I promised Elizabeth, I would. I was their protector...But even in the tower, they were not. Betrayed, humiliated and lied to..."
Jesus's face while he hung from the crucifixion above my head, looked as if he was about to say something to me as I glanced up at him. I must continue, he needs to hear what my heart feels. 

The flickering lights bounced off the stained glass and other objects in the room. I felt somewhat at peace. I continued, 

"I feel so humble my Lord, so humble now. How is it a man such as myself, skilled with a sword, and with horsemanship can be reduced like this from rumors. Perhaps I grieve too much, feel too much. I plan to seek the truth of what happened to my nephews. Someone had to have wished them harm, I indent to find out one day who did this horrible deed.

I am your humble and always loyal servant, Richard, Duke of Gloucester."   

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