Saturday, 18 October 2014

The music of Natasha Mira "Medieval Pop"

Before I went on my adventure to England, I had the lovely chance to chat with Ms. Natasha Mira about her music “Medieval Pop.” Being a medievalist, her music was like a magnet and truly quiet exceptional and inspiring.
To many of us, music has a magical way of making us time travel, either forward or backwards. It can touch our hearts and our souls.  It also can toy on our emotions. Natasha Mira's songs do just that. Especially, her single “Don’t Let Me Go.” The imagery and story telling she does with the lyrics, as well as the clips from the hit show "the Tudors" leaves you wanting more at the end of the song. She is also set to release some other wonderful songs in the upcoming weeks as well.

Let me briefly introduce Ms. Mira. She is a young aspiring musician currently studying at USC. She is working on her Bachelors in Music Industry; yet demonstrates to the world, she is more than ready to take over the world with her new genre "medieval pop."
She is defiantly someone you will want to keep an eye on for many years to come. Talent only knocks once, and she has it.
To discover Natasha, who is most genuine, talented, and delightful, and her music, please visit her Facebook page: . It’s truly an experience and something you don’t want to miss!

And from Natasha herself:
“If you are my friend, a lover of music, a creator, an artist, or someone with a passion and you wish to share that with the world, I hope you will please take the time to read what I have to say. For as long as I can remember I have always been searching for 'my sound'. A way I could represent myself artistically while still saying true to myself. I am proud to say that I have finally found that sound, and for the past year I have been constantly creating and working towards this moment in which I would be sharing with everyone the new genre I have created which I will be calling 'Medieval Pop'. The best way for me to describe Medieval Pop is to imagine Hans Zimmer meeting Evanescence and Ellie Goulding. I strive for a cinematic larger than life sound which channels medieval instrumentation while still maintaining a commercial radio-friendly audience.  
I have always been obsessed with this time period, Medieval Europe, and the Renaissance. I feel like through these inspirations, and my writing style, I can truly be myself and combine my artistic viewpoint with a new genre that is representative of a part of my soul and passions. I'm a girl, but I'll admit, I'm also a gamer. I love medieval-inspired video games such as Skyrim. I am intrigued and obsessed with shows such as Game of Thrones, Reign, and the Tudors. As a singer and a songwriter I will always love writing in various genres and styles. One of my greatest passions is collaborating with other incredible artists. I will continue writing in various genres but Medieval Pop has become the first project that is representative of me as a person. Representative of the artist Natasha Mira that I've always wanted to portray.”

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