Saturday, 15 February 2014

An Interesting Find

Painting depicting Edward IV and Richard, Duke of Gloucester at court This 15th Century painting shows Richard (second left) at court with his brother King Edward IV. (From Who was the Real Richard III, 

and this one: "Family Portrait of the More family"

This painting is interesting because apparently, contained in the painting, it has clues proving that Richard III did not kill the Princes in the Tower. More information can be found at: I guess I found something fun to look into? In Hans Holbein, The Younger, a Guide to Research, it is suggest that the two princes assumed other identities.  A report done by Jack Leslau after the unveiling and cleaning of the portrait reviewed clues that Leslau argues that Holbein put clues in the painting, and other messages in the painting that suggest that the Princes were not murdered by Richard III. Edward became Sir Edward Guildford, and Richard became Dr. John Clement a physician who married More's adopted daughter Margaret. (source: Michael, Erika. Hans Holbein the Younger: A Guide to Research. Routledge, c. 1997 Google ebook version)

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